My life as a dog

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 12:57:50 -0700

So, my first experience with my ADSL modem
is very cool. Using it alone with my laptop
it run about 1.5M/s and 1M/s. Pretty awesome
and considering UCI's flaky internet connection,
it's actually faster than school.

With a local hub, I was archiving my laptop
documents to my SGI machine very quickly while
downloading a new version of Netscape.

Life was one big bowl of cherries until I found
out the reason my domain registrations didn't go
through as the spelled my email as instead
of I try and change it on their
support site, can't do it. A call to the domain registration
service, they say they can't change it (even though
it's their typo) unless they have a signed fax from
me on ETI letterhead stating that they can make the change.
They will chew on it for 3-5 business days and then
send it over to internic who then will change it in
3-5 business days.

I call the wrong number and get network solutions.
After waiting for about 20 minutes I get bored and
start surfing the Web. A new experience. Performance
degrades dramatically. The conclusion, ADSL is amazingly
fast for single devices, but doing real work you still
need a real network connection. netsol tells me I'm
stupid and transfers me to internic. Internic picks up
on the 1st ring answers the call under 2 minutes and
makes the change while I am on the line.

Problem solved. 8-)