Re: CEO of Iridium quits

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 10:51:36 -0700

I think it had something to do with their advertising
and sales. 1) They never told you a price even if you
asked them flat out, and 2) the sales people actually
DISCOURAGED you from buying one of their phones. They
basically said that if you weren't the exclusive world
traveller that took two trips a month out of the country
then you didn't fit their marketing profile and you should
go buy a cell phone.

Here's how the fix it. Take the first 20,000 customers and
give them satellite phone service for life. Charge them
$25k plus the phone for the privelege, up front or financed with 11% over
60 months. Do a marketing campaign about owning your own
satellite is now easier than owning a car. I bet you can
do well over 100k sales in the next year.


> "CEO of Troubled Iridium Quits"
> In the fourth quarter of 1998, Iridium suffered a jaw-dropping loss of
> US$440 million on revenue of just $186,000. The company has sold only 3,000
> satellite phones, far short of its expectations.
> I just love biz-speak, "far short of its expectations." -- how about,
> "bloody nightmare?"
> Anyway, this implies that their satellite network will be up for grabs soon.
> For sale, technically brilliant satellite and billing network with no proven
> economic model which could recoup its cost. Inquiries: Iridium
> Redevelopment Corp.,...
> - Jim