Winchester House Cable guy

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:51:53 -0700

One box sitting on the wall
splits into two lines for voice and data;
One land line phone and cable, one wireless
phone and battery recharge powercable,
one wall socket with two, two-pronged plugs,
one goes to a Zip 250 which also has a
SCSI2 cable going off to a PCMCIA card that's
not plugged in right now. The other goes
to one power strip with an intermediary
plug converter and ground before the strip which
has two AC adapters and two regular plugs.
The adapters to go and ADSL modem which has
two other cables plugged into it, one from
the data line, the other to the hub; the other
adapter goes to the hub which has the DSL
modem, the SGI, and another catV off to another
PCMCI card leading to another PCMCIA card that
has a choice between a Kingston 10bt net card
and a 3com 10/100 that aren't plugged into my
laptop that has a power cord, a modem cord
and a mouse plugged into it. The other two regular
plugs go to the SGI O2 monitor and machine, the
monitor is plugged into the machine, the machine
is plugged into the hub, the keyboard and mouse
are strung around back there someplace. Sitting
beside them is my Philips Scuba headset which dangles
next to where the monitor cables goes, plugs into
a small converter, has a power cable in search
of a socket, and a S-VHS cable that is unplugged
because it can't reach the VCR.

In the words of Einstein, "if you think
that's cluttered, you should see what
it looks like up here [pointing to his head]."