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Hi, Tom! I'm happy for your library; you made the best decision regarding
your books.

I participated in two online chats, one CBS- and one CNN-sponsored. It's
really weird how AOL sets up these forums: you are in a "row" with about 40
other people and can only see what your row is doing. I was in row 42 in one
forum and 16 in another; I have no idea how many rows total there were. I've
participated in a few AOL events before, usually interviews of musicians I
like. My questions are NEVER asked of the guests, which usually prompts me
to start either harrassing the interviewer or starting a riot in my row.
Last night I started correcting the CBS reporter's spelling.

All in all, the questions chosen to pass on to the guests are the safe
questions. I asked repeatedly why the massacre was not labeled a hate crime
by the media . Of course, no one wanted to touch the question. What good
did come of it: my fellow row members started asking, too.

Grass Roots Geege

In a message dated 4/22/99 2:08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
savamutt@razorlogic.com writes:

<< Since I'm getting rid of most everything I own so I can go RVing
full-time, I thought about sending each of you an e-mail today asking if
you'd like some books, but then I decided just to load up my truck and
give them all away to our local library. It took two trips this
afternoon -more than 600 books.
Anyway, one of those I gave away was Jerry Mander's 'Four Arguments For
The Elimination Of Television', which in spite of its title and
underlying thesis, is mandatory reading for most anyone who has ever
written TV ads, or for anyone at all who is interested in mass (mob?)
mind control. Mander gives some really good background on the
psychological aspects of why the networks do things the way they do, and
why TV is so psychologically damaging (a lack of interactivity leading
his list), this bit of prescience in spite of the fact that he wrote his
book in 1977, long before the Internet was available to the average
Mander's insights into the mind-control aspects of television are
frightening, which is precisely why his book is read in every
advertising school in the free world. He wrote his book long before the
networks began merging with the Hollywood studios and cable
conglomerates too, way before giant corporations like GE and
Westinghouse began gobbling up the media and entertainment industries.
Taking over the media was a natural evolution for companies like GE,
Disney, and Westinghouse, corporations whose main function is to
manufacture worthless consumer goods that people really don't need -like
TVs and Mighty Duck T-shirts for instance. Of course all this vertical
merging only exacerbated the problem of brain-dead America.
And just like America's collective mind, the networks are dying too.
Their parent companies are making big bucks, but the networks are
faltering. People are watching less network TV these days -at least
white middle class people are watching less network TV these days, and
instead they watch better quality cable programs, or else they spend
more of their time in healthier pursuits like outdoor sporting and
recreation activities, gym & fitness classes, community & church
activities, and the Internet (the great antichrist of television).
The interactively and libertarianism of the Internet are precisely those
aspects of the medium which are anathema to mind-control, therefore the
networks miss no opportunity to slander the Internet every chance they
get. NBC is blaming the Internet (home of "hate") for inciting these
boys to do what they did. This in spite of the fact that the networks
now maintain web pages, with forum and chat feedback edited and censored
by monitors of course. All that feedback is from white people though,
because most black & Hispanic people don't use the Internet. Black and
Hispanic people are beginning to make up the lion's share of actual TV
viewers for networks like NBC though, mainly because network programming
is mindless crap, and because cable subscriptions are expensive, and
because one doesn't have to subscribe to cable to get NBC on their
television -one can still get NBC with a coat hanger antenna dangling
off the back of the tube if you live a big city (where all the blacks
and Hispanics live).
All of which might explain why a network like NBC has devoted an entire
broadcast day to the single black youth who was shot, while completely
ignoring the 40-some white kids who were gunned down by the same
"racists"?! NBC has tirelessly bandied this tragedy as "nazi" "racist"
"hate crime induced" "bigoted" "Hitler birthday motivated" and all the
rest of the standard hate-mongering tag lines I've come to expect from
people with gentile-hating agendas; people who will do everything in
their power to incite racial hatred and ethnic division in this country,
especially if they can make a buck while doing so. NBC's behavior in all
this is despicable. But what else is new? There is one bright spot in
all this though. We bombed Serbian TV headquarters yesterday. So
everybody say a prayer tonight that the Serbs will reciprocate...and do
America a far greater service for their efforts.