Steve Nordquist (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 23:16:03 -0500

Don't worry Mark Baker, you'll always have more seats on the W3C....

The Wavelets Digest marches on, FYI, with Wim Sweldens wielding a
slew of papers that connect everything but TCP to wavelets and Mei
Kobayashi logging and progtoring amain. Her preprint shows that
Wavelet-related patents -issued- met the doubling point last year, and
Q1 '99 has seen '98 matched already.
The cute, cool thing is that the ObJapanesque bit shows
in areas of:
earth (seismic, more regular cement (!))

aaand speech engines are still running hot.
The patents look general enough to put one's eye out for looking,

I am intrigued by the possible applications of Pat No. 5,768,392:
Blind adaptive filtering of unknown signals in unknown noise in
quasi-closed loop
system, to being killed on level 11 by an ogre king. Should've applied
those wands.