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<< I saw CNN-HL's coverage of the Colorado school shooting tragedy
this morning. (Those who know me are aware that I don't use the
terms 'excited' or 'tragedy' lightly.) Two things about what I
saw and heard disturbed me:

1. The television station that was called by a student in a
classroom during the event took time to pump him for
information before advising him to call 911.
The boy could not get through to 911; the lines were jammed. The television
station was trying to get a line clear to him. I was just glad they had the
presence of mind NOT to have the AUTHORITIES call HIM.

2. A group of (I presume) students was shown running across
the street, accompanied/herded by police. All of them had
their hands clasped atop their heads.
This was a necessary precaution; it was not unreasonable at that (chaotic)
time to prevent the suspects from slipping away as part of the crowd.

The first one I personally find reprehensible. I'm not sure how
I feel about the second one, but it seems to have echoes regarding
presumption of innocence.
I don't get the connection at all; "presumption of innocence" is something
for the legal system to ensure. This was a crisis, for chrisakes.

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