Re: FW: DOD leaders mull Internet disconnect

Dave Long (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 23:26:43 -0700

> Hammered by relentless hacker attacks against its unclassified network
> for years, the Defense Department may back away from using the Internet,
> which it invented, in favor of relying on intranet enclaves, according
> to a top Army official.

Shouldn't the focus be on integrity and survivability in the face of these
"relentless hacker attacks"? Since we pay for our standing army, it'd be nice
to think that they might be able to handle junior high kids, let alone a
coherent external threat.

Billy Mitchell demonstrated that airplanes were pretty good for plinking
battleships in the early 20's. How do you suppose the military reacted to
this unwelcome news? Did they revise doctrine to handle the changed threat
spectrum? Or did they run Mitchell out of the service and park the BB's in
Pearl Harbor?


Someone from 4K needs to place a bid selling MAGINOT(tm) firewall technology.