RE: the Linux community (was Re: URGENT: )

Robert S. Thau (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 18:08:37 -0400 (EDT)

Gavin Thomas Nicol writes:
> It doesn't really have to be this way... I remember the early Linux
> community well, and a point of pride was that the community didn't suffer
> from the infighting found in the *bsd community

I'm not sure that the core developer community has changed
fundamentally; NB that this conversation started with a reported
blowup between ESR and Bruce Perens, who are both on the periphery of
active Linux development at the moment. (Perens used to be a Debian
kingpin, but is not currently, IIRC).

> (what ever happened to
> Bill Jolitz anyway... I heard of a death in the family, and then little
> else).

Last I heard, he and Lynne finally published a book containing
complete listings of the 386BSD system (long after FreeBSD and NetBSD
had both passed it by technically); Amazon says it's still in print.
But that was ages ago... three years, judging by the Amazon
publication date.