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Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endeavors.org)
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 11:43:03 -0700

NetObjects, one of my favorite companies with no profits and
cool technology wants to go public. They make great technology,
but it's not always the great technology that wins out. [1]

Also in this article, Where's AltaVista's IPO? [1] Shopping.com
is moving into the UCI research park after being purchased by

Speaking of research parks, Lucent is building a network
research lab in the research triangle (where else?) at
North Caronlina State. This article [2] list the research
triangle area as one of the top 3 tech areas, listing
Silly Valley and Route 128 as the other two. Maybe they
haven't heard that the Tech Coast stretching from Santa
Barbara to Tijuana has more technical workers and companies
than they do. They also say Cisco is already there. Heck,
Cisco is moving into the UCI research park too.


[1] http://www.mercurycenter.com/svtech/news/indepth/docs/al041499.htm

SHORT histories, big losses and tall tales for business models
make Internet IPOs such easy targets for criticism. That said,
the planned IPO of NetObjects Inc., the Redwood City maker
of Web-site development software, stands out as a scary
example of the chutzpah young companies and their investment
bankers have developed in asking the public for funding.

Compaq announced in January that it had created AltaVista as a separate company that would
be offered to the public sooner rather than later. Digital Equipment tried once and failed to
make an IPO of AltaVista, but the frenzy over Internet stocks promised to work to AltaVista's
advantage. News reports at the time said the new company could be worth as much as $2

Since then, AltaVista has purchased e-commerce site Shopping.com in Corona del Mar and
Zip2 Corp. in Mountain View, the online media company. And it's busily adding positions for
its search engine division in San Mateo.

[2] http://www.mercurycenter.com/svtech/news/breaking/merc/docs/014816.htm