Re: Gates Overshadows MIT LCS 35th Anniversary

David Crook (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 19:39:05 -0700

At 06:29 PM 4/13/99 -0700, Tim Byars wrote:
>At 5:51 PM -0400 4/13/99, Sally Khudairi wrote:
>>Sad to see local news coverage of Gates' visit today at MIT to celebrate
>>the 35th anniversary of the Laboratory for Computer Science.
>>Predictably, the press angle focused on Gates' honking donation to help
>>build "a computer research laboratory". And as a result, the impression
>>was that MIT held an event to celebrate this philanthropic act.
>Yes Sally. MIT will now be known as MSMIT. The announcement is expected in
>a day or so.

Yea, just like MSapple and your precious MSmac :-)


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