Re: URGENT: Delete My Last Message

sillyhead (
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 14:46:52 -0500 (CDT)

Hi everyone!
Been lurking for a while, saw a chance to rant, so here goes:
This is the kind of thing that's making me damned sick of "the Linux
community." I remember the days when I was naive about this kind of
stuff, when I thought the Linux community was merely a bunch of guys who
liked to hack code and make things work. Of course, at RH, I have the
privilege (wait, put that in quotes so noone thinks I'm serious) of being
on the inside, hearing all the arguments about liscensing, the bickering
about what The Right Thing To Do is, and the never ending defense of
selling something that's free. I'm disillusioned. I guess it's the same
kind of thing that happened the year I was travelling with all those
hippies and they split up the national gathering into two spots simply
because the scouts couldn't agree on a particular site for it. It put
10,000 of the 30,000 hippies who planned to attend the national on the
road, roaming back and forth b/w KY and AL trying to decide which site was
better, looking for friends they couldn't find, and ended up being a basic
cluster fuck, with noone much to clean up either site after it was over.
I'm thoroughly sick of it, and miss the good old days when I ws clueless
about all the politics and happy to be running a good stable OS. It's
like a fucking cult, I swear. It would be nice to have a job at an ISP
where noone else knows anything about Linux, noone's even ever heard
of RHS, GPL, RSA, or any other TLA that would normally start a debate
where I am now. Another thing I'm absolutely sick of is this general
attitude that if ya don't use Linux you suck, and even if you do, if you
ask a 'stupid question' you suck. Just gimme a boss who thinks NT is
god's gift to the computer industry, but who has some Linux work he
needs done and I'll be happy. Oh yeh, and put me in the bay area.
Trying to jump off a bandwagon I never meant to be on that's going way too

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Robert S. Thau wrote:

> Robert Harley writes:
> >
> > Here's an example of private email made public. It's from Eric Raymond
> > to Bruce Perens and Bruce forwarded it to the debian-devel list:
> >
> > ...
> >
> > ESR is a fucking loose cannon and a total embarassment to the free
> > software community, IMO.
> Hmmm... I think his continual baiting of RMS is a lot more of an
> embarassment than the Perens flap, particularly since Perens himself
> is no poster boy for moderation and diplomacy. (Viz. his tangled
> interaction with Debian). When ESR is really on a tear, he is capable
> of making RMS seem like the voice of reason in comparison --- no mean
> feat.
> My take on it is that ESR is really good at generating publicity,
> which is, in turn, a good thing --- and provided we don't get these
> sorts of blowups *too* often, it's better to have him than not.
> (Even despite other annoyances, like the bogus amateur sociology in
> the "noosphere" essay --- a look at how actual splits are handled in
> the community, and how "splitters" are *not* always pillioried, raises
> real questions about that --- or, for that matter, his persistent and
> annoying misspelling of the word "kludge").
> But it certainly is starting to look like he needs a vacation. Or
> Ritalin. Or both...
> rst