You Know Who You Are
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 22:19:49 EDT

Dr. Bee,

I know I'm supposed to include a comment about the article, but I'm all=20
poseured out. All I really know is this will be of interest to some of you=

Geege =20
The Code Is the Law=20
By Lawrence Lessig=20

"This is progress. The single most significant change in the politics of=20
cyberspace is the coming of age of this simple idea: The code is law. The=20
architectures of cyberspace are as important as the law in defining and=20
defeating the liberties of the Net. Activists concerned with defending=20
liberty, privacy or access must watch the code coming from the Valley =96 ca=
it West Coast Code =96 as much as the code coming from Congress =96 call it =
Coast Code."