Re: MSFT Open Sores

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 16:52:59 -0700

I really don't understand why Microsoft doesn't just go ahead and
fix their OS rather than just trying to pretend there's nothing wrong
with it. It'll be to their benefit in the longer run. Why don't they
just buy Be and port the WinAPIs to it? Or just use the Linux kernel
and file system and expand WINE to be 'real' Windows?

If I was MSFT, I'd offer a free Windows lite version with
all the crap taken out that was absolutely peppy and robust that offered
a browser, email, desktop, task manager, and networking, had a way to add
drivers dynamically and configure the kernel. That would take
care of the Linux problem. Is MSFT so bloated that they can't
fund that internally?


"Joseph S. Barrera III" wrote:
> > ESR... a man never willing to let a chance of self promotion
> > pass him by...
> I love the bit where he speaks for the Justice Department regarding
> what is true open source and what is merely a sham:
> > A release of "Windows" that leaves the kernel, the Windows
> > API or critical pieces such as Active Directory, SMB,
> > OLE/DCOM, or the Exchange wire protocol still closed
> > will readily be diagnosed by both developers and the Justice
> > department as a sham.
> - Joe