URGENT: Delete My Last Message

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 01:56:49 -0700

#1: Please delete the last message I just sent out, entitled "Re:
Alice Miller (_Drama of the Gifted Child_)"

In it, I wrote about how guilty I can feel over minor slights I cause
other people. In this case, the very post is a MAJOR error: I
reposted personal email from Tim Byars.

I have apologized personally, and I apologize now publicly.

This is the most extreme breach of email etiquette I have ever
committed: not my own self-damage in sending out a random file of my
own last week, or the half-baked discussion of UCI pre-grant ideas
that pissed off the patent lawyers. It happened because I cut and
pasted Tim's comments without reading its original headers.

I have tried to do what I can to mitigate the damage, but in
cyberspace, that's not much, unfortunately. There's no way to unsay
anything reliably.

PLEASE: I know there's some residual temptation to go back and read
that message because of the attention this has drawn to it. If you
must, you can see my words alone at its archive point:

For what it's worth, Tim hasn't said a word. It may not even be a big
deal to him.

It is a big deal to me.

Rohit Khare