Re: [Stupid Idea Series] Interactive Videos

David Crook (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 21:27:45 -0700

At 09:18 PM 4/9/99 -0700, Tim Byars wrote:
>At 9:44 PM -0500 4/9/99, Steve Nordquist wrote:
>>So no sooner had I thought...nah, put your dogs face in in lieu of yours
>>while you're making a wastrel of yourself (ob. stupid part here; obviously
>>not!) you can show of your moves but not the way your tongue
>>was hanging out from intense sport concentration, than further answers
>>were delivered. Nevermind the LucasFilm footage of people stubbing
>>family in as Bluescreen actors. Oh, the sound edit envelope!
>>Jim Whitehead wrote:
>> > Last night I talked to a woman who is raking in the cash with her hot new
>> > business: pet photographs. People bring Fluffy down to the local
>>pet store,
>>...and that's how we came to be working on the best-financed standard
>>project of 2002, PPP4NPCs.
>OK again, I'm going to say it. I have no fuckin' idea what Nordquist
>is talking about. But regardless, his posts just simply rule.

It made perfect sense to me. I'm writing up a RFC for PPP4NPC right now
and I'll be submitting it to IETF for review later. Rohit, can we get your
buy in on this for a munchkin powered version?


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