[Stupid Idea Series] Interactive Videos

Steve Nordquist (signa@tfs.net)
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 21:44:36 -0500

So no sooner had I thought...nah, put your dogs face in in lieu of yours
while you're making a wastrel of yourself (ob. stupid part here; obviously
not!)...so you can show of your moves but not the way your tongue
was hanging out from intense sport concentration, than further answers
were delivered. Nevermind the LucasFilm footage of people stubbing
family in as Bluescreen actors. Oh, the sound edit envelope!

Jim Whitehead wrote:

> Last night I talked to a woman who is raking in the cash with her hot new
> business: pet photographs. People bring Fluffy down to the local pet store,

...and that's how we came to be working on the best-financed standard
project of 2002, PPP4NPCs.

> But, as near as I can tell, they're missing out on all the derivative
> markets:
> - putting Fluf-fluf's picture up on the Web
> - putting Flufpaws's picture on creatures in Quake

FlufAmp, FlufNokia, FlufCAD, FlufArch, Fluf*Edit and...the kid-marketed
items of the same kind.

> - customizing your browser so it's an animated gif of Flufnose in the
> upper corner, instead of some pulsating corporate icon

In our next episode, Dr. Evil finds Eric Raymond's weakness. No, no, the

> ... and I'm sure I'm missing some.

Stock portfolios named FlufFluf's Ransom.

> Of course, some clients will require a full Web presence for their pet....

I'm not carrying the video server on my ski trip. Let Fifi do it.
In fact, this is where my large-blubbery-pet emporium is going to make
it big; would you put a rack-mount system and fiber head in a mere
full poodle? Will it improve a Pit Bull's mood?
At Condors and Cetaceans, Ltd, PLC, you can narrowcast to people
who weren't about to see artificial materials, let alone browsing gadgets.

I carry the half-meter lens for you, don't I? No? Oh, yeah.
Please endow a W3C (BARC? oh...) chair in your pet's name.

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