Re: MSFT Open Sores

Jeff Bone (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 00:17:36 -0500

Re: Microsucks Open Source...

> We in the open-source community welcome this development.

I'm so glad you presume to speak for all of us. Some of us --- well,
the radical libertarian crypto-anarchist free market fringe shameless
capitalist segment --- well, me anyway --- think this is the worst
possible solution to "the problem." In some of our minds, well, mine
anyway, the problem is not monopolist control of the market --- it's the
fact that monopolist control of the market has been achieved on a
marketing front at the expense of technical excellence, indeed even
technical coherence or usability. "The Problem" --- for some of us in
the "Open Source" camp --- well, me anyway, is that Microscrap stuff
sucks in the worst possible way, and the only way to fight it is by
eradication or market punishment until they change their (total lack of
engineering excellence) ways. Microsoft operating systems are a lethal
digital virus, tainted retroviral technojunk propagated by the "dirty
needles" vectors of shady licensing deals, blanket newspeak admarketing
campaigns backed by more money-and-will than God Himself has, and
Mafioso-style cut-throat backroom politics. Asking --- or requiring, as
many feeble-minded souls have suggested --- MS to Open Source their
*crap* is in essence transferring critical genes to them which would be
useful in mutating and further propagating the Microsoft plague against
the inherent immune system presented by the success of Linux and other
Open Source projects. It's like knowingly and willingly having
unprotected sex with a late-stage and formerly
sociopathically-promiscuous AIDs patient in hopes that your apparent
good health will somehow ruboff on you. Stupid at best, and *dangerous*
if it works.

Do you *really* think MS can Open Source something and give away
control? Forget it! It (their "O.S. license") will be so tainted ---
and subtly, and deviously --- that we'll all drink the Kool Aid and die
a slow and heinous death. Whoever conceived of the Petition --- re: --- et. al., is totally shortsighted and
totally underestimating MS.

Just my $0.02, I could be wrong... often am,