Censored for you by SurfWatch

Gordon Irlam (gordoni@base.com)
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 17:52:45 -0700


I recently dicovered all of the web sites I host are blocked by

What is blocked:

- The Political Writings of George Orwell (ironic that they
choose to censor someone who dedicated his life to speaking
the truth and writing against the dangers of censorship).

- An interviewing I conducted with a homeless person in
Mountain View.

- A list of things I eat for dinner (it is true that I
misspelled potato the same way as Dan Quayle, and perhaps
they are concerned I could also permanently damage the minds
of young children).

- Resources for shy people (which a lot of high school and
college students that don't have SurfWatch make use of and
find helpful).

- A web site devoted to the music of Jonathan Richman (known
for his song "I'm a little airplane" that appears on Sesame
Street, and his appearances on Space Ghost Coast to Coast).

- And a lot of other useful material I try to make available
to the net.

What to do:

- Please oppose over-broad attempts at net censorship.

- Please boycott the use of SurfWatch products.

- If you have purchased SurfWatch products in the past please
return them to the place of purchase and seek a refund.

- Please oppose the use of SurfWatch in schools, libraries,
homes, and offices.

Please see:


for further details.