Gore and Open Source

Joachim Feise (jfeise@ICS.uci.edu)
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 13:53:57 -0700

I hope that Gore doesn't claim he invented Open Source as well...


This is your web site -- IT'S OPEN SOURCE -- and I want
you to help us build it.

Join the Gore 2000 Volunteer Source Code Project -- to
help us shape the Al Gore 2000 web site into a powerful
grassroots political force. We want the web site to grow
and change and get better every day. Right now, you're
seeing the initial phase of our Internet campaign. This
site is a living document. We want your help in shaping
its evolution -- and we'll implement the very best ideas
and suggestions on-line!

Take a look at our source code. Send us your ideas on
how to improve it, and build a better campaign web site.
The Gore 2000 Volunteer Source Code Project wants to
hear from you today!

Old Windows workstations never die. They're bourne again as
Linux servers.