Abramatic: W3C confronts the *20th* century

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 11:47:33 -0700

[I've heard of behind-the-curve, but this is ridiculous! :-]

The Future of the W3C
Jean-Fran=E7ois Abramatic / Josef Dietl, W3C
The W3C has existed for five years. Five years on the Internet is a=20
very long time, and during this time the W3C as well as the web has=20
been through some significant changes. Now the World Wide Web=20
Consortium is confronted with the 20th century. This has already=20
created some significant challenges, challenges that the members help=20
the consortium to meet. There are roles for many types of=20
organisations in the W3C membership, and there may be a role for=20
yours as well.
=46ollowed by beer and beverages in the adjacent lounge, together with=20
demos by W3C and related vendors.

[This is from the agenda for "Going Wireless With the Web", a=20
W3C-Leveraging Activities (for-profit?) seminar in Stockholm two=20
weeks ago (at http://www.sto.dfs.se/990324/english.htm) Every time I=20
visit the website, W3C is growing, this time with a new Swedish=20
partner, the Swedish Institute for Computer Science. Sooner or later,=20
they might even open an office in even tinier provincial headquarters=20
with a member or three... like California. But no, we soldier on=20
merely with offices in Boston, Tokyo, Paris, Grenoble,=20
Sophia-Antipolis, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Sweden, Taiwan,=20
Netherlands, and the UK (here's the URL, so you too won't waste 10=20
minutes poking around w3.org and resorting to the search engine:=20
http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Offices/) ]

Putting on a seminar like this is one of the real perks of not just=20
being a member, but ponying up additional time, money, and resources=20
to second staff to W3C -- it brings in the W3C speakers and puts your=20
corporate agenda forcefully -- but quietly -- on the table. Johan=20
deserves a lot of credit for helping organize this: I would have=20
enjoyed this (heck, just imagine if WWW8 conference tracks were this=20

March 24, 1999, Scandic Hotel Slussen, Stockholm
The presentation slides are available for download.
A Conference on Developing Web Based Services for Wireless Users

* Voyager - the next generation HTML
* WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
* CSS - style sheets and wireless devices
* XSL - making content independent of presentationer
* Optimizing - how to use W3C standards and technologies
* EPOC - the new platform for mobile phones
* Case studies of services for wireless users

Speakers from W3C, WAP Forum, Ericsson Wireless Internet, Nokia=20
Mobile Phones, Symbian, Nocom and Reuters Wireless Services.

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