Re: [Salon/Lingua Franca] Applying a PhD to Business

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Sat, 03 Apr 1999 07:26:30 -0800

The annual Orange County Business Council dinner was really fun on
Thursday. I got bumped from the front of the room by 5 OC mayors,
7 Assemblymen, all 5 OC supervisors, 1 State Insurance Commissioner,
4 State Senators, and sundries of other well-connected politicians.
George Will's speech was a mixture of Orange County high tech business,
Baseball, and conservative commentary.

One of his stories is about Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the
Senate pre-election debates where his competitor described him as:
Professor Moynihan this, and Professor Moynihan that. The press
asked him what he thought of being called 'professor'. His response:

"The mudslinging has started already!"


Rohit Khare wrote:
> [I'm impressed. She's still enough of a PhD to use phronesis in a
> sentence, and that blows me away, at least :-)
> I clipped this piece because it's a wee bit inspirational, and also
> to remind one how insular academe can be -- who *hasn't* read Hamel
> or Drucker or W$J -- but of course not, it would get in the way of
> 'evil capitalism' studies.
> The true commendation for clipping this article, though, is her
> defense of how business/social nets work. FoRK is very much such a
> 'community of practice'.
> Schmoozing is Life.
> Rohit ]
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