Re: My Home and Native Land

Roy T. Fielding (
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 17:23:54 -0800

>Since moving to the USA, I have been continually amazed by
>the fact that many Americans (even well-educated
>professionals) do not know basic facts about their neighbour
>to the north-- such as how many provinces and territories
>make up Canada.

Many Americans don't even know how many provinces and territories
make up the USA. There is no compelling need to know that outside
a trivial pursuit competition. I like geography, but that's mostly
due to my father's influence rather than any use for sub-national
political boundaries in practice. Cultural boundaries are far more
important (hence Quebec).

> its creation is perhaps the most daring step any nation has ever
> taken to satisfy the political and geographical claims of its
> aboriginal people.

Well, maybe in this century. This is nothing compared to what was
promised by the Treaty of Waitangi. Let's just hope that the Inuit
get better results from its implementation.