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Join Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the Web Consortium (W3C) and inventor
of the Web, at the 8th International World Wide Web Conference in
Toronto, Canada May 11-14, where he will present the opening Keynote
Address. It is hard to believe, but the Web is ten years old this year,
and Tim is sure to reminisce about the Web's development and growth and
share with us his thoughts for its future.

Three other prominent Keynote Speakers will address the delegates: John
Patrick, Vice President, Internet Technology, IBM Corporation, Greg
Papadopoulos, Chief Technology Officer, Sun Microsystems, and Robert
Metcalfe, Vice President of Technology, International Data Group. John
and Greg will give us some insight into where they think the Web is

In addition to providing a critique of the conference, Bob is sure to
make one of his outrageous predications for the Web as he did in Boston.
And who knows what the atonement penalty will be if he is wrong.

These visions for the future will be contrasted by ten years of Web
history gathered by James Gillies from the recollections of conference
delegates and recorded on a special History Wall.

The conference will last a full four days with Tutorials and Workshops
on day one, Keynotes and tracks for Refereed Papers, Poster Sessions,
presentations by the W3C team, Panels and Invited Speakers on days two
and three, and a Developers Day on day four. Please check the Conference
Web site at http://www8.org/ for the full program and other details.
Register now and get the early bird discount.

I hope to see you there.

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