A toast to John T. Chambers

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ICS.uci.edu)
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 16:02:43 -0800

One of the features I like about Quicken.com's stock information service is
the ability to look up insider trading information. Just yesterday I was
looking at Cisco insider trading, to see how many of its top executives are
bailing out (and hence, whether I should bail out too), when I came across
the trading activity of one John T. Chambers, President & CEO


On February 5, 1999, Mr. Chambers execised 900,000 options at $7.39, for a
total cost to him of $6,651,000. The same day he sold 850,000 of his new
found shares at $102.64, gaining him $87,244,000.

Total for the day: $80,593,000

Even with various governments taking their shares, he still cleared well
over $40 mil after tax, in one day.

So, a toast to John T. Chambers, and his new found wealth.

How *do* you celebrate a day like that?

- Jim