RE: Be afraid, be very afraid

Tim Byars (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 10:25:15 -0800

On 4/1/99 at 7:45 PM +0200, Robert Harley ran this line:

Jeezus. you think I have to tell all of you everything. It's not easy
being the great one on this list. It never ends. Dear boy Rob, fire up
your little left brain and hear me now and think about this later.

Any A/V tagged drive will suspend the thermal auto calibration while
data is being written. You do know what thermal calibration does don't
you? So if your writing a 20 MB QuickTime file the drive doesn't
recalibrate. If your writing 1000 Ms .DLL's there is the slight chance
that when it does recalibrate you might, and might is the key word
here, have X = 512K errors in those files.

>>From the "kernel traffic" weekly summary of the linux-kernel list:

[paranoid spew omitted]



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