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New! eText review appears in Japanese ``Computer Today''

Katsuaki Kasahara wrote a survey of multimedia editors for NeXTSTEP.

Cover page (Featuring multimedia editors in red)fragment which shows an eText sample in Japanese !

A Silent Upgrade

Announcing eText5, Release 0.95

In last month's announcement of eText .94, I indicated that when I integrated support for multiplatofrm XText, I'd release a .95. This is it: emacs keybindings, parentheses matching, and scrolling for read-only documents, supported on (at least) Motorola and HP. Other minor fixes are included.

My heartiest congratulations to Paul Griffin <> for extending Mike Dixon's original XText keybinding set.

There are plans on the shelf for finally sitting down to rebuild eText as a user-friendly app rather than a technology demonstration, as well as documentation, but... Well, let's say it depends on NeXT's OpenStep Day Web technology announcements.

Note also that the official distribution site for eText is now and not at Caltech.

In particular, please let me know about bugs involving color, since I develop under monochrome. I also need SPARC platform feedback, since I don't have SUNs running NeXTSTEP locally.

eText QuickStart Guide

NEW! Tricks For Living With HTML in eText Grab it as an an eText Document

The App (Motorola, Intel, HP-PA, Sparc)

The Source (All of it, NIHS)

Demo Documents (not updated since .93 release - now lost)

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