Program Notes for August '96

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 22:22:43 -0400 (EDT)

Hey gang -- sorry for being (relatively) off-line the last two weeks.
A few new people have joined in, and I want to introduce them.

The current subscriber list, in relative order of subscription, is: FoRKee "Aaadamn" Rifkin, Caltech vaporware student Dr. Ernie, Chaplain (CIT Physics PhD) Gordon Irlam, Nameless One (Cygnus)
FoRK-archive Greg "Da Throat" Davis, CIT '95 CS Tim "Da Producer" Byars,
multimedia multipurpose whipping boy Robert "Dances With Factors" Harley,
CIT '95 MSCS, @INRIA Richard Ruth, late of Disney Security
(and even later of the US Navy) John Dobbin, bit-scavenger of Rifkinalia Wendy Mattson, freelance NeXTite & editor Robert "Begone!" Thau, creator of Apache Magnus The Terrible, Minion of the Evil Empire Joe "E. Neumann" Kiniry, CIT '02 CS PhD cand. <insert subscriber here> <insert anagram of Wayne here. Wait a sec...> Henrik Breakfast-Nielsen, cute Danish moocher,
smoocher, and rooster :-) (libWWW) Dan "InfoSponge II" Kohn, Clueful(!) Marketeer Mark "the Shark" Lundstrom, Rocket Scientist <insert subscriber here>

Associated characters who stubbornly refuse to join in the cutlery parade: Greg "Bring On the Black Kool-Aid" Burd,
exNeXT-hacker, now consulting Rajit "whatever" Manohar, timeless smart dude Eve Schooler, MMusical non-MBoneheaded type Dan "Committed" Connolly, who should be :-)
Minor Deity of HTML and Obscure Scripts

(feel free to invent better titles. No reusing DNRC titles, though!)

Now, some of you have already heard from me about Mark Lundstrom. We met
at the final recruiting round at McKinsey & Associates in LA (who, by the by,
still have me in their sights; they airdropped two copies of the McK Quarterly
last week). He transferred into the MIT Aero/Astro program, did the usual ol'
Sloan Leaders For Manufacturing/Rhodes/multimillion-dollar startup routine
and has this middling personnel-office job at a tiny startup and spends his
days benchmarking office furniture. Ho-hum...

While Mark has taught me a lot from our conversations (OK, you got me: my
monologues, but still, even Bob Cringely would have to admit I do a fine
solo act), I have decided his primary virtue was introdcuing me to Dan
Kohn. At the risk of insulting Dan, I will note that we have almost comparable
bitbases, switch time, and full-duplex bandwidth. On the other hand, Dan is
at peace with his Inner Marketeer, and isn't nearly as consumed by self-doubt.
Apparently it's easier to be a business person who reads RFCs than to be an
RFC author seduced by business :-) Dan had a hand in several projects I have
been fascinated by but never recognized his name from including the Interpedia
project and founding the Cambridge startup NetMarket.

Other recent arrivals include: Robert S. Thau, an AI Lab grad student who had
the misfortune of crawling out of his shell and volunteering to write what has
become the #1 web server. This means his days and nights are spent being
taunted alternately by the clueless 97%, his adviser for lack of focus, and by
me for not letting me manage his career prospects :-)

Joe Kiniry is a joint discovery by Adam and myself who was sucked into the
Caltech graduate program in a matter of weeks after a random sighting of his
home page on the web. It's amazing what you can do with lowered standards and
a friend on the committee :-) Joe is the whirlwind visionary trying to whip
the Infospheres project into shape (

There you have it, the casting for the Fall season of FoRK! I have to admit,
I've never assembled a more formidable list of People Who Make Me Feel
Completely And Utterly Inadequate By Comparison before, and I look forward to
the party...

Rohit Khare

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