A theory about Rohit and suck.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Wed, 5 Jun 96 12:12:07 PDT

I have a new theory about Rohit. It's not just that there's a positive
correlation between him and bad luck. He actually *causes* bad luck.
I admit that all the evidence I have to back this claim is
circumstantial, so I'm fishing to FoRK for more Rohit horror stories.

Meanwhile, here's an example.

1991-1995. -> Rohit attends Caltech, spending lots of time at the CS
department. Net result: Carver Mead leaves the dept (forming his own),
Chuck Seitz leaves the dept, Jan van de Snepscheut leaves the dept, Jim
Kajiya leaves the department, Fred Thompson stays in the dept, no new
faculty gets hired, Rob is exiled. Also, the archetypes project on
which he's working is our own private Viet Nam. Meanwhile, Pasadena
stagnates as a city without a decent 24-hour eatery, without a decent
black-and-white cookie place, without any decent juice bars, without any
decent places to eat within walking distance of Caltech.

1995-96. -> Rohit leaves Caltech. 2 new faculty are hired, including
Jim Avro of _Graphics Gems II_ fame and up-and-comer Peter Schroeder; in
addition, rumors abound that Bill Dally might leave MIT to come to
Caltech. Plus, the department maintains 3 additional hiring slots.
Also, the archetypes is declared a "moral victory" and instead we move
into the problem domain of eden, which is heavenly by comparison.
Meanwhile, Pasadena becomes much cooler: Jerry's opens a 24-hour deli,
not one but TWO black-and-white racial-harmony-in-a-cookie places open
in Pasadena, not one but TWO juice bars, and a plethora of decent
eateries within walking distance from Caltech.

Only problem is, I haven't tested this theory for anywhere but Caltech.
Anyone else have any decent stats?