[#3] RK to Tokyo, via Earth...

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Sun, 04 May 1997 12:11:01 -0400

As many of you may know, I'm taking May off as personal time between
jobs. I will be visiting Canon in Tokyo to outline our future
relationship. Along the way, I will see Robert in Paris, my family in
India (wedding), Hong Kong at thirty-days-to-handover, Hawaii, and UC
Irvine in LA.

Paris - Sunday, May 4 (Res# NQSS5A)
IAD-CDG UA#914 6:20p ar 7:45a on May 5th
Robert, meet me at the Hyatt Roissy approx 10 or 11 am

Delhi - Wednesday, May 7
CDG-FRA LH#4413 10:50a ar 12:10p
FRA-DEL LH#760 1:25p ar 12:40a May 8

Lucknow - Thursday, May 8 (Res# SHL6GW)
DEL-LKO IC#435 6a ar 6:55a

Varanasi- Thursday, May 15
VNS-DEL IC#808 4:20p ar 5:35p

Hongkong - Friday, May 16
DEL-HKG UA#2 12:05a ar 7:55a
(staying at Hyatt Regency Kowloon)

Tokyo - Saturday, May 17
HKG-NRT UA#800 9:40a ar 2:40p
(Connoisseur class is sold out!)
(No hotel reservation in Tokyo yet)

Hawaii - Thursday, May 22
NRT-HNL UA#826 9p ar 9a (same day)

San Francisco - Thursday, May 22
HNL-SFO UA#952 9:30p ar 5:20a (next day)
(will meet family at SFO Airport Westin)

Los Angeles - Friday, May 23
SFO-LAX UA#2023 9:40a ar 11:04a
(will visit UC Irvine)

Washington - Saturday, May 24
LAX-IAD UA#946 8:10a ar 3:49p
(wedding in baltimore, 24-5)

Happy contrails,