Farewell & Thanks

Rohit Khare ((no email))
Wed, 30 Apr 97 16:42:17 -0400

Gang --

Well, this is it, 5PM, April 30th, 24 months to the day. No more fudging
about, it's time to shuffle off... I've even cleaned out my office :-)

I have received some very sincere and heartwarming messages from the global
team over the last few days, and I want to thank you all for your good wishes.

Though I'm sure my character shines through to Sophia, Grenoble, and Keio
brightly enough, MIT has borne the brunt of my happy days here, and we had an
appropriately wacky party last Friday.

We had cake, and milk, and tea, and whisky (fine whisky, mind you...). The
MIT team signed what must easily be the largest card I've ever received, the 1
m^2 WWW5 logo sign I snuck out of the Marriott in '95. There was also an
admirably internationalized card (though no Hindi, I must note... :-).

Since I expect to spend May travelling the world, the team chipped in for a
very apt backpack and survival supplies (chocolates, a CD, postcards of Paris
-- you name it!). In return, I had a few colorful TravelMan gifts too: a
first-class bath kit for Eric, an online United flight database for JimM, an
obsolete 487SX for Henrik, and "Hackers" and "How to survive in the executive
jungle" (1964) for Sally.

I'll be picking up a few more gifts for a few somebodies (you know who you
are!) on this trip, since I will actually be coming back to Boston for the
summer before driving off to California. I'll be working on a book, _Postcards
from the Web_, and would love to hear from any and all sundry who are passing
through Boston.

Best Wishes,
Rohit Khare

(new .sig under construction!)