Resignation from W3C

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 19:10:33 -0400 (EDT)


April 18, 1997

From: Rohit Khare

To: Sally Khudairi
Tim Berners-Lee
Jean-Francois Abramatic

Re: Resignation

I want to thank each of you and the global Web Consortium Team for
the opportunity to join this amazing adventure over the last two
years. I am honored to have participated in establishing and
nurturing this organization.

In 1995, I was torn between many different career paths after Caltech:
academia, programming, management, evangelism, journalism, and economics.
I feel very lucky that I contacted Tim and found a team willing to use
each and every one of these diverse interests.

In the past 24 months (six web-years?), I have been challenged by W3C in
so many ways and developed so many skills: spec writing, public speaking,
meeting organization, project management ... Much of that credit should
go to Jim Miller, during the early days when we built the Technology &
Society Domain together.

At the same time, as the Domain grew, my skills became superannuated in
Jim's eyes, and I had the opportunity to transfer to Sally Khudairi's
group. I've had a wonderful time working with Sally on revitalizing the
Newsletter and organizing our WWW6 participation.

Nevertheless, my destiny lies in more technical realms, as effective an
evangelist as I might be. I have been laying plans for some time to
embark on PhD Web research, which I will now be pursuing at the University
of California at Irvine. At the same time, I will be taking a detour to
write down a message I think the W3C has not cogently delivered itself.
I am planning to write a book on the vision behind the Web, and W3C's
role in fulfilling it, and another on Web architecture.

In light of these developments, I will be resigning effective May 1,
1997, but will be claiming three days' vacation so that my last working
day will be April 25, 1997.

This is a moment of parting and separation, but I think the bond will
regrow in new form as I take on my new roles. It's certainly not the
last we've heard of each other...

/s/ Rohit Khare

PS. For your amusement, I found my original cover letter to Tim while
researching this note:

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