Data Sheet: Rohit (TM) Indentured Research Unit

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 29 Dec 95 17:23:57 -0500

This is also a draft -1. There could be lots of cool ideas here...

Feature Benefit

Reads NYTimes, Usenet, two dozen web sites... Daily.
So you dont have to
Talks fast Very high bit-rate transport
Marketing type Can get your group exposure!
Entrepreneur, degree in economics Focussed on real world problems
Former employee of Harvard, Caltech, and MIT cheap!
Likes travel conference fodder
verbivore Able to express ideas eloquently on
paper (no claims made for speaking)
Graphics fiend Nothing will ever leave your group
(need a new logo??)
Ability to synthesize information Create new bits from old!
21 Many years of potential indenture
Neckwear collection Guaranteed recognition of your groups
Academic researcher since 1990 Knows the ropes. (Been hung by them, too!)
Opinionated Insert 2 bits, pull the handle...
Prime Directive: Make a dent in the universe Will finish ASAP
3.7 GPA at Caltech Not one of those insufferably perfect types
F in Compiler class Not afraid to fight losing
bureaucratic battles on principle
Fluent in Hindi, French questionable
Fluent in Jargon Demo God
Can present at up to 1.5 slides/minute none
Obsessed with the Industry Able to predict technology trends,
large and small.
< Believes in own authoring tools
Able to occupy 394 MB ofswap space Maximum Hardware
and 7 million pixels on a single desk Utilization
Big Guy Can intimidate fellow panelists at
Typographer Cool letterhead! business cards! door
labels! ...
eidetic memory High cache hit ratio
Cryptographer If I told you, Id have to kill you.
Knows the Web inside out Knows where the Center is
Jolt Cola junkie 100 LOC/liter