Re: [Slate] Analyst Whores; Qualcomm Soars; Nasdaq 4K.

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 30 Dec 1999 09:28:22 -0800

Every tech news agency is coverning n4k beatingn y2k as:
"if you invested $1000 in X last year, it would be worth...."

This can only gurantee unprecedented funds being sunk into the market
next year. Analysis? After a brief correct in which corporate
America sells off their undesirable assets, expect the bubble to
continue. Baby boom America has figured out that if they aren't
smart enough to start their own company, they can at least ride
the backs of those who can. The glut generation doesn't start
retiring en masse for at least another 7 years; financial effects
may not be critical for another 7 after that, so for our little
predictive model, let's call the crash in 2013. If we have one
before that, we'll just classify it as noise.


Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:
> Indulge me in completing this trilogy of market posts by noting that
> today was a day for 4K. Nasdaq 4K. Now remember, the Nasdaq hit 3000
> for the first time ever in November. Six weeks later, it's at 4000.
> That means the Nasdaq Composite is up 81% on the year -- the best market
> year ever, beating the Dow in 1915. [Following that model, we should
> see a 1929-style crash in, say, fourteen years. Don't say I didn't warn
> ya... :]