Day in the Life

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 12:47:31 -0800

What a trooper. Herniated back and he still has
time for wrestling, sex, and videogames.


IGN64: Does that limit how much time and effort you can put into
being a performer in the ring?

TD: Yes, especially when I have to deal with the child-like antics of my tag
team partner [Raven]. That totally limits my abilities in the ring. Plus my
injuries. I have two herniated disks right now in my back. I need a surgery.
I was going to take off but my partner came into ECW and basically we
won the belts. So I carry on with two herniated disks in my back.

IGN64: So even though you're one of the main men behind ECW and
one of the top wrestlers in the ring, you still find time to play all of
these games?

TD: I really don't have much of social life anymore. My two things I have,
or I guess it's three things, are: I get to go work out, that's part of my job; I
occasionally have time to have sex with women; and then I occasionally
have time to play videogames.

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