Last FoRKCon of 1999: Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Rodent of Unusual Size (Ken.Coar@Golux.Com)
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 14:12:00 -0500

All right, friends, this is IT! The last FoRKCon of the year.
(And anyone who claims it's the last one of the millenium, or
of the XXth Century, gets to wash the dishes. Twice.)

To be held:

When: Monday 27 December 1999, 18H00 EST
Where: Our place, 7824 Mayfaire Crest Lane, Apt 202 (directions below)
Why: Who knows?
Food: Baked potatoes with various toppings, plus whatever gets
Rohit: Maybe. Feel free to bring a Rohit effigy just in case he
can't make it.

IMPORTANT: We *do* require an RSVP by Sunday (26 December) night,
and an indication of whether you smoke or not. This is so we can
cook enough potatoes, break out enough chairs, and warn the

IMPORTANT: We have four (4) cats. They'll be locked up in the
bedroom, but if you're allergic we do NOT have adrenaline on hand.

IMPORTANT: We live in an apartment complex and close-by parking
spaces are jealously sought. Be a sport and park at the other
end of the car park and leave the spots close to the buildings for
the people who live here, eh?


We live in Summit Mayfaire Apartments, on Lead Mine Road in North

Coming from North and West:
o Take I-40E to I-540E; go to the end (the Leesville Road exit)
o Turn right, and go straight through three traffic lights.
(The road changed from Leesville to Strickland after the first
light.) The third light should be Creedmoor Road; if it isn't,
then I probably forgot a light. But I don't think so.
o Go for about a mile, and turn right onto Lead Mine. The
intersection is at the bottom of a hill, and Lead Mine ends
there (i.e., it's a 3-way intersection). If you pass a transmission
tower or come to a shopping plaza you've gone too far.
o Follow Lead Mine for almost *exactly* one (1) mile. Summit
Mayfaire is on the right, the last right before the convenience
store and the traffic light (neither of which are visible from
where you need to turn ;-).
o See below for the rest.

Coming from the airport:
o Exit the airport and follow the signs to I-540E. Then follow the
directions above.

Coming from the South:
o Take the Beltline (I-440) to the Glenwood Avenue/US-70 exit; go
o Take your first right (*after* the BP station) onto Lead Mine.
o Follow Lead Mine for approximately one (1) mile or perhaps a bit
less, and bear right to stay on Lead Mine. I don't know how to
describe this fork except to say it's the first (and only) one,
is clearly marked, and you'll pass a Greek Orthodox church on
your right immediately after taking it.
o Go through four (4) traffic lights. The last one is by a
convenience store. Get into the suicide lane after going through
the fourth light; Summit Mayfaire is your first left turn.
o See below for the rest.

Once at Summit Mayfaire:
o Turn right after entering the complex. (The alternatives are to
turn left or to incur structural damage.)
o Turn left.
o Straight ahead is a basketball court. The building to the
*right* of the court is ours. Now that you know where it is,
be nice and go park somewhere away from the buildings and then
walk back.
o Back already? Cool. Go up one flight of stairs; ours is the
first door on the right.

#ken    P-)}

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