API Trees and forests

Adam L. Beberg (beberg@mithral.com)
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 01:11:54 -0600 (CST)

After staring at the tree bark for so long, it's hard to see the
forest anymore.

Along those lines, myself and others been working on the Cosm CPU/OS
layer for some time now. It's nearing completion, and I'd like to get
some more people who actually use this type of thing to look it over
before we let it loose in the wild, and make the OS even less relivant.

It allows software to be written once and compiled anywhere for use in
Cosm or other applications. The layer provides all the hooks into the
native OS and CPU. The API is a GCD not a LCM, it works on anything with
a 32bit CPU, so dont expect the usual assortment of god functions.
Small, simple, and effective is the goal.

What needs a good look from a forest visitor is the CPU/OS API.
Is there anything it's missing that can't be done otherwise? Is
something too complex or confusing to "get" easily.

The API docs are at http://cosm.mithral.com/doc/ - fire me off an email
with your thoughts.

- Adam L. Beberg
The Cosm Project - http://cosm.mithral.com/
beberg@mithral.com - http://www.iit.edu/~beberg/