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Tom Whore (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 15:36:12 -0800 (PST)

( a note of intro, recently a dvd/mp3/cd/vcd player was releaved to me by
the mysterous god of the niethernonvapor. I have been seeking the truth of
the matter. This friday, being 2 days hence, i ll be travlling to my local
frys (all praises be) with several cds of mixed formats to acid test this
thing. In the mean time here is the background...feild report to follow on
friday night)

Since I started digging for info on this item (the AVphile 715
dvd\vcd\cd\mp3 player) I have foudn some interesting things

1) Frys has/had it on sale for 149 (the sale might be over , the last i
hear 12/15 was the cut off date. Proces of 220 seem to be what veryone
else is seeling it for)

2) The first batch had faulty ROMS. VBR and some higher rate mp3's sounded
like shit.the old roms can only be upgraded by an eprom brun. The good
news is a new batch has been reported at Frys that fixes several fo the
problesm and allows you to upgrade the roms via a file burnt to a cd..Much

3) It seems to not play any mp3s encoded lower than 96kps. This , if true,
rules it out for me.

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