Re: Thirty, rest, and motion.

Tom Whore (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 13:01:43 -0800 (PST)

Was a time and place where i looked forawrd to diving into more tech and
procedure, when the thought of leanring a new set of syntax and tech
tangels was a boon.

Then I got older. By 30 i was parsing down the pull, trying hard to
remeber what it was like to sit and write a chapter of a SF story or a few
open verse poems in an evening. At 35 I am just begining to fell that i
can do these things again, to tap back into the creative side of teh gunk
in the nogin.

It seems my teens and twentys where the decades of excess, of the pig out
pile on never enough rush of things from drugs to code to knocking boots
to playing games to work. In the mid 30's I can finaly reap some benifts
of all that and learn to set a new pace.

I aint old, im just selective:)-

And to messpost the thread, the myWebos site is worth a try out. If my net
connnection at work were able to eek out more than 1.7k/s id be happier,
but what i see so far is nice and looks usefull. On the dsl at home i
should get a better feel for it.

ob forking

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