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Is it still an identity crisis if *someone else* doesn't
know who you are? Does interrupting a train of thought
cause a trainwreck of thought?

Is this the sort of Applism to which you were referring,

Anyone who follows up on this, don't forget I referred you;
I want my finder's fee [sung to the tune of "I want my MTV"]
once you've found yourself. (Or Apple's found you. Or

And no, 'allanturic' is a chemistry term, not a
compumathematical metaphoric adjective.

#ken    P-)}

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Dear Mr Coar:

Dear Mr Bloom:

I am seeking a referral. I need a Director of Web Objects for a permanent position available in Cupertino CA for Apple Computer, Inc. This person must provide management, technical leadership and strategic direction for Apple's Web Objects products. Responsibilities include: overall voice for the product and its strategic direction, both internally and externally; project definition, planning, tracking, and delivery, of new projects as well as sustaining engineering of existing products; prioritization and assignment of resources; representation of the department's projects and requirements within Software Engineering; interfacing with product marketing, support, and Apple's channels and market groups; 2-level people management of the organization (approximately 25 software engineers,) including recruiting; expense budget development and management. Requirements include: MSCS or equivalent; 10 years software development experience, with at least four years of managing comparable organization; demonstrated technical leadership; Java, UNIX, web, client/server development experience a plus; excellent communication skills required. If you know of anyone, please have them e-mail me a resume asap to the e-mail address below. Please call if you have any questions. Regards, Janet for Apple Computer, Inc. HR Staffing 408-974-2225