Net heavyweights set up content deliver

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 12:05:05 -0800

Sun, Inktomi, and Digital Island set to collaborate on
"Akamai" killer. I guess they saw that $21B valuation
and decided to do something about it.

Net heavyweights reportedly
setting up content service


SAN FRANCISCO -- Three Internet heavyweights, Sun
Microsystems Inc. (SUNW.O), Inktomi Corp (INKT.O) and
Digital Island Inc. (ISDL.O) are expected to announce a plan
Wednesday to partner in delivering content over the Internet.

Content delivery has become one of the hottest areas of the
Internet because many corporations are shifting their businesses
online. Content services help create reliable connections for
transactions or multimedia transmissions that require more
reliable and quick routing than normal Internet traffic.


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