What Did Howard & Jerry Do?

Tue, 30 Nov 1999 07:47:14 EST

I'll be surprised if content changes, but if it does, someone let me know and
I might watch a match or two. Anyone think WWF might spin off a nastier or
nicer version of itself?


SLATE NEWS: Mon., Nov. 29, 1999

today's papers

By Scott Shuger

The WSJ reports that the World Wide Wresting Federation, faced with
advertiser pullouts, may be toning down its material. It quotes WWF
minor domo Vince McMahon as saying viewers will soon see less
aggression, less colorful language and less sexuality. The biggest
advertiser to pull out over content is Coke, which has a
wait-and-see attitude about coming back. Another refugee from the
sex and violence: the U.S. Army.

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