Fwd: guy/girl/computer - web experiment

B.K. DeLong (bkdelong@pobox.com)
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 14:46:11 -0500


>FYI - This doesn't have much to do with web design, but I guess it's one
>of the best "proof of concept" pieces related to our industry that one
>could image.
>Canada AM, a daily morning show on one of Canada's TV networks is going
>to begin an experiment next week where they've brought together two
>strangers (one male one female) and have asked them to survive for one
>week in a loft that contains nothing but a computer connected to the
>internet. They'll be given $20,000 worth of credit with which they'll be
>expected to buy everything from beds to food by shopping on the web.
>(They don't get to keep what they buy, that'll be donated to charity at
>the end of the show).
>The couple will have private individual rooms in the loft, but in the
>common area there will be equipment to provide video and audio feeds so
>the world can watch the experiment unfold.
>It will be interesting to see how they make out.
>PS - There doesn't seem to be any content on the site yet, just a spalsh
>page with no links. I wouldn't expect to find much there till Monday
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