Re: Cambridge Tech loses another top exec

Mark Kuharich (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 11:46:16 -0800

Sally Khudairi wrote:
"That aside, I'd like to hear Mark's opinion, as he authored the
original post. I just rubbed some salt in."

[I think both Tom's and Sally's points are salient. Cambridge Tech is
sleeping in the mess it made. The giant sucking sound you hear is talent
and capital being pulled from established fields into Net startups.
Examples: Stanford business school students dropping out, Harvard grads
turning down blue chip firms like McKinsey, Lou Dobbs and Peter Arnett
leaving CNN, Disney's Jake Winebaum, MTV's Dr. Drew, ABC's Hugh Downs,
Joe Galli spurning Pepsi's Frito-Lay for, and Microsoft's
brain drain. The rush to the Net is classic example of economist Joseph
Schumpeter's "gales of creative destruction." The last person to leave
corporate America for the Net, please turn out the lights ...

Mark Kuharich

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