Re: Senses DC / Chi-Cha Lounge

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 07:35:36 -0800

Cindy, don't ruin it for me--chick fights are cool. Besides,
everyone knows she's dating Greenspan exclusively.

Now for the bits: FAA says that "most" carriers are y2k
compliant, but about 200 out of 2,822 carriers will face
minor glitches. [1] China on the other hand in a truly
ballsy move, will loft a couple of 737's tomorrow
around midnight and change the clocks midflight in
an attempt to understand, gung-ho style, what effects
if any y2k will have on their airlines. This is
better than EK jumping the Snake River. [2]

They found that some of the milk expiration
dates on their flights will expire before the milenniumm and
need to be replaced. Now that I think about it, Pepsi and
Budweiser's "freshness-dating" make a large portion of their stock
non-y2k compliant also. This makes a wonderful case for
no wherehousing of supplies and a perfect analogy for interplanetary IP.

There's wherehousing in them-thar vehicles, the trick is
keeping all the bits in play. [3] Why discriminate
between storage and delivery?