IETF-46 FoRKcon: National Geographic, African Rituals

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 18:16:58 -0800

In preparation for the tribal gathering of the geeks in DC for
IETF-46, the Grand FoRK has declared an observance of its highest
ritual, the FoRKcon!

In consultation with Minor Sub-Diety 47 (Jim), we have divined that
Tuesday shall be the Chosen Night, counterprogramming the heathen
buffonery at the so-called "Official" social at Dave & Busters.

Instead, the True Clan shall gather at the Hall of Sacrifice.. er,
National Geographic Auditorium. We'll be at the second incantation,
at 8PM, with varied revelry to follow afterwards. [Dinner before has
been sabotaged by Minor Sub-Diety 47's foolish choice of a versioning
meeting :-(]

Onward, FoRKish FoRKs!

PS. Yes, that means you, O ye of little faith who pre-bought Social tickets!
PPS. Early RSVP recommended, since Jim's an NGS member who'll be
buying them in bulk at a discount.
Tuesday, November 9, 1999
$13, 8:00 p.m. ET. Free Parking.

With the publication of four books and numerous magazine articles,
acclaimed photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have won an
enormous following with their remarkable images of vanishing tribal
customs in Africa. Now, after nearly ten years of travel and
research, they have created what many hail as their masterwork,
African Ceremonies, a monumental two-volume set exploring traditional
African rites and rituals.

In this lavishly illustrated presentation, Beckwith and Fisher will
offer a provocative look at a dazzling mosaic of colorful ceremonies,
from baby namings and harvest blessings to coronations and funerals.
Two subjects from the book-warrior initiations and marriage
rituals-appear in the September and November 1999 issues of NATIONAL
GEOGRAPHIC magazine. Don't miss this chance to view fascinating and
rarely seen rituals as these two adventurous photographers share
their intimate knowledge of endangered African traditions.