Re: Canada is just Mexico for White People

CobraBoy! (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 16:58:39 -0800

Last First at 3:07 PM -0800 on 6/4/97, came up with this:

Let me guess, playing around with search engines again?

* Fuck you hick,
* I am Canadian and you are what gives American White Trash a bad name you
* cock sucking impotent fuck up. You talk about war history. Remember in
* 1812 when America tried to take Canada. Canada was totally outnumbered
* but we still whupped your faggot ass you fucking redneck. You fucking
* losers think you're such big-timers and you're the best in the world but
* we can kick your ass in anything. Who's the fastest man in the World huh
* Asshole. Johnson isn't good enough to fuck Bailey's dick. Him and your
* fucking redneck president can go fuck themselves.
* You think you can beat our asses, in the War of 1812 you were big and
* tough but we still kicked your ass. Don' think that's recent enough. How
* about the IRA you cunt. The IRA has no arms compared to the British, but
* who's trying to suck who's dick you queer.

Somewhat obsessed with homosexuality aren't you?

* Go fuck your sister you redneck shit-head
* One pissed off Canadian

Two words, "Alan Thicke"



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