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No, it doesn't seem like you're learning shit.

Do you have a browser? Do you know how to use it? How about a search

If so, then there's no excuse for posting questions like "um, what's
Gate's first name again"?

I'm not sure what your background is, but most of us are academics who
are used to doing a little bit of literature search before publishing
something. You don't publish a paper about RPC with a related work
section that says, "oh yeah, Bruce Nillson or something like that got a
master's thesis on RPC but I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but
I've heard that it's good so you probably want to check it out."

A similar (but appropriately scaled-down) standard applies to FoRK

It's not uncommon for me to do four or five web searches before posting
something on FoRK. That way I contribute bits to the common pool. Even
in my dumb Apple == USSR post
(, I did several
searches to get the names and dates right. Similarly, in my dumb post
about the huge capacitors in IMSAI computers
( I searched around to
find supporting text and pictures.

- Joe

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> You have to learn the difference between providing bits vs.
just sucking
> up bits (or just plain sucking).

It would seem I am learning from the masters on this matter.