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Sorry this took so long to get to.


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Okay, finally. I got sick of everyone here saying "gif" (hard G) and
so I ran my CSHOW, got Bob Berry's email address from the end credits,
and asked him myself how the thing is pronounced. My mail:
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 1994 02:37:10 -0500 (EST)


I'm Tim Haynes. I'm writing to ask if you could settle a matter once
and for all, regarding the prononciation of "GIF".

A few years back, I saw this .GIF of a person who claimed to be you,
and the image was encoded in a then-new .GIF scheme that allowed text to
be embedded with the image. The text claimed that the prononciation was
"jif" (as in the peanut butter) and for a long while now I have been content.
However, more and more people that I know are saying that it is "gif"
(hard G as in Giligan). I was hoping that you could give the definative
word on this matter. I was also wondering if you could point me at
any documentation that records this fact (I am very familiar with the net,
so any archive format/method/site is fine).

Thanks for taking the time to reply to this! Take care!


Bob's reply:

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GIF has always been pronounced "jif", since it was first released in 1987.


So, there you have it. Proof from the man who made the standard.

Now, stop saying "gif", or I will hunt you down and scan you to death. ;)


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Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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