non-rant over Thanksgiving Day travel

Rohit Khare (
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 23:21:22 -0500

two or three hours ago, I would have written a nice steaming rant about the
butterball-laden MORONS on the highways today... but no, now that I've just
gotten home after and ELEVEN AND A HALF HOUR DRIVE from Boston to Baltimore
that usually take FIVE, I'm speechless with rage.

BMW M3-driving losers who won't go past 58 in the rain... entire highways
of traffic that won't shift over when a new lane appears... averaging 30
mph on the NJ Turnpike...

This whole weekend has been high mockery compared with my original plans
for another RTW stop by Japan: I spent 8 hours coming down BOS->BWI
Thursday, for dinner, then another eight BWI->CLT for a family friend's
25th anniversary in Charlotte Friday, then eight back for my 5th high
school reunion (excruciating, since my memory for faces and names actually
sucks and of course, EVERYBODY remembers the one non-white, non-asian
loudmouth and I remember no one), then this whole f*ck up coming back
because my Mom wouldn't let me leave in the middle of the night without a
proper breakfast :-)

The mockery above, of course, being that I spent more time on my butt than
going RTW (well, 80%). And I didn't get served champagne and caviar none,


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