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Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Mon Nov 2 10:52:27 PST 2020

My favorite story is, when he worked for Hooper/McCaw, he gathered us 
for dinner to pitch a (if I remember correctly) mobile-tower-anywhere 
high coverage/quality concept.  Universally, we all told him that we 
didn't care about cell voice.  What we really wanted was *DATA*.


On 11/2/2020 10:44 AM, Rohit Khare wrote:
> Dan *is* still a good friend -- honest, intense, erudite, ambitious. A dad,
> too, before any other identity as a "serial entrepreneur" or "e-commerce
> pioneer."
> I'm still picking through too many memories to tell a story yet, but I
> always have to begin from this headline: the single most important
> hypothesis of my professional life came from debating Dan.
> Not that he was wrong, or even that he disagreed with my point of view.
> It's just that by working through arguments with him tempered and honed my
> own. I admit I envy some of the work he's led.
> (The idea itself isn't the point; it's his role as catalyst & antagonist I
> honor. The idea was decentralization, about "munchkins" and the argument
> that "there's nothing Teledesic can do from orbit to make the internet more
> ubiquitous than we ought to be able to deploy cheaply without a Telco on
> our own...")
> Of course, as a friend he was a also an inspiration, for TRAVELMAN, for
> building community, for enjoying the  good life and leading a Good Life.
> Also, cancer metaphors are inadequate for cancer.
> It is so telling that into the end he was fighting for technology to make
> the world safer, defending New York from COVID, as you can read right up to
> the end at dankohn.com/health
> With deep sympathy for Julie and his kids,
>    Rohit
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Kohn
> Dan Kohn was an American serial entrepreneur and nonprofit executive who
> led the Linux Foundation’s Public Health initiative. He was formerly the
> executive director at Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which
> sustains and integrates open source cloud software including Kubernetes and
> Fluentd, through 2020. The first company he founded, NetMarket, conducted
> the first secure commercial transaction on the web in 1994.
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